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Meet Sadia, Serine and Kay, three of our clever and charismatic Customer Relations Hosts charged with looking after our many VIPs here at Playboy Club London.

All three went to university and are multi-lingual. All three share a love of physically demanding sport. And all three boast the best contacts in town, bar none!

Ten years of networking in Mayfair has given our French Algerian host Sadia an enviable contacts book.

“All that hard work in my early Mayfair casino days has really come into its own,” laughs Sadia, an amateur track athlete whose vibrant personality meant a rapid rise through the ranks of F&B to Hospitality Manager at Playboy and now senior Customer Relations Host.

With so many concierge and maître d' friends on speed-dial, there aren’t many VIP requests for sold-out shows or the hottest table in town that stump Sadia. But it’s the way she genuinely cares for her customers and develops true friendships with them that sets her, and her colleagues, apart from hosts at other casinos.

“In fact many of my customers know my husband, who used to be a gaming manager, and have even met my two-year-old,” explains Sadia, who came to the UK to improve her English and stayed after falling in love. She studied foreign languages and marketing…

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