How Playboy brought the glamour back

to gaming

Dealer Inspector Lou is celebrating almost a quarter of a century in the gaming industry and she credits the Playboy Club’s London revival with putting the glamour back into her career.

As an 18-year-old starting out in the beauty business, Lou was hooked on glamour. So when she saw an advert for a casino training academy which promised a career in which she could travel the world dressed to the nines, she packed-in her beautician’s course and signed-up for a new life as a croupier.

That was in the mid ‘90s and, while Lou quickly discovered that the reality didn’t quite live up to the advertiser’s hype, the industry in general was far more glamorous in those days.

“Men weren’t even allowed on the gaming floor unless they were wearing a decent suit,” she recalls. “It was much more prestigious to be a dealer back then. Casinos were elegant and exciting and the money was fantastic. But then it all changed and the glamour disappeared – until Playboy came back on the scene.

“As it was the industry’s glamorous reputation that attracted me in the first place, this club is definitely my spiritual home. I would love to have been a Bunny and worn the costumes. I’d have smashed it!”

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