Bunny dreams of a Shropshire lass

It was while travelling around California that Penny developed a fascination for all-things Playboy. She had always wanted to do something different with her life and the iconic costumes and glamorous lifestyle of the world-famous Bunny seemed to present the perfect opportunity.

“So I Googled ‘How to be a Playboy Bunny’ and just went for it!” says Penny who joined the club as a valet last October and loves every minute of her new life in London. “It’s the best city in the world and feels a million miles from the sleepy Shropshire market town where I was brought up by my grandmother.”

Becoming a Bunny wasn’t the first time Penny caused a bit of a stir in her home town. Two years earlier, this self-confessed ‘quiet girl’ from Ludlow appeared on Channel 4’s reality show, First Dates Hotel.

“I think it was quite an unusual thing for someone from my town to do,” she laughs. “Let’s just say the date didn’t exactly have a happy ending, but it was certainly an experience!”

Penny has also done some amateur modelling as a promo girl, trained as a massage and aroma therapist, mastered snowboarding, and does boxing to stay in shape – but she says it’s the Playboy Club job that has allowed her to develop true self-confidence.

“I was worried I might be a bit too quiet for this role, but Playboy genuinely wants you to be who you are. They’re not looking for stereotypes. They want intelligent, strong women and your size, shape, and background don’t come into it. I’m so much more comfortable with who I am now.”

And what does Penny’s grandmother think about her chosen career? “She loves it! I brought her to the club for lunch on her birthday so she could truly understand what I do and how great all the girls are. Now when anyone asks her about my job, she can explain it properly.

“People are always interested when you say you’re a Playboy Bunny but they are often very misinformed about what that means.”

One thing it definitely means is hard work, late nights, and great company, both in terms of colleagues and customers. “I like to unwind over a coffee or by walking in the park,” says Penny. “Coffee dates and long walks; I really am that quiet girl at heart.”

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