From Manchester with Love

Bunny Rudi was working as a waitress at Caesars club in Manchester when she decided to audition for Playboy two years ago. But she didn’t tell anyone at the Mayfair Club that she was turning up for the casting because she wanted to try out in exactly the same way as everyone else.

“You should have seen the look on their faces when I walked in!” remembers Rudi. “My old boss at Manchester235 was Playboy venue director at the time and he certainly wasn’t expecting to see me that day. But that’s the way I wanted it.”

Rudi was soon packing her bags for the brighter lights of the bigger city and says London has now stolen her heart, but it was tough for the first few weeks. Although she was ready to spread her wings, she didn’t know a soul in the capital which meant a few tears to begin with.

“But the girls quickly became my best friends and family in London. We are all so similar – really outgoing and sociable and we adore the fun and the glamour. I love them all, and working with people you love is a wonderful thing.

“The waitressing is pretty different of course, but it’s so cool and there are so many brilliant events. Who minds working on New Year’s Eve when you can wear a fantastic gold costume and party with your best friends!”

Outside work Rudi is a true festival fan, chalking up a dozen last year, from BPM Portugal and Sonar Barcelona, to Parklife in her home town. Seeing Drake and Migos at Wireless was the highlight of her summer. But glamour is Rudi’s first love and she was thrilled to be selected recently as one of the models for Playboy’s new collaboration with Coco de Mer lingerie.

“Now that was a fun shoot!” she says. “My friends at Manchester say I’ll always have a job there if I want one, but I don’t think that’s going to be any time soon. Two years on and I’m nowhere near being over wearing a Bunny costume!”

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