Kitti - Record rise to the top

Bunny Kitti only joined us last August but her impressive performance saw her named Bunny of the Month in December, and now our Hungarian beauty has been crowned Bunny of the Year in record time.

“I didn’t expect that!” laughs Kitti, who moved to the UK in 2012 in search of a change of pace from her academic life as an undergraduate studying tourism and catering. “The prize is a five-day trip for two to Los Angeles. My sister Betti turns 30 this year so I plan to take her as my guest. She won’t have a clue about the surprise as she still lives in Hungary.”

Kitti first did bar work in London before moving to the south coast where she joined our fellow Caesars’ club, the Rendezvous Brighton, as a valet. But 18 months later when life took a turn, she was looking for another change and contemplated going home. Luckily for us, friends talked her into staying and applying to Playboy.

“Everyone was so lovely and supportive. One friend at the Rendezvous helped me organise a photo shoot, another did my make-up and hair, and I just went for it. There was no Plan B. Either I got the Playboy job or I went home!”

Although Kitti was originally cast as a valet, she applied to our dealer school just before being awarded her ears, which makes her our longest ever Bunny-in-training. “It took a total of eight months before I was in costume, but it’s absolutely been worth it,” says Kitti. “I love a learning challenge. The difference with Playboy is you’re not just a waitress or a croupier – you’re a Bunny Valet, a Bunny Dealer, and you’ve really had to earn that.

“My mother and sister have been over to visit me at the club and are so proud of what I do.”

Like the other Bunnies, Kitti was delighted to discover such genuine friendship and camaraderie at Playboy. “We are like a family,” she says. “Because we work at night we don’t really have another social life which makes these relationships even more important.”

Outside work, Kitti loves to travel – Cuba currently top of her wish list – and spending time with her little rescue dog, a terrier cross named Trisha. Don’t get itchy feet again too soon Kitti!

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